“Adrian Mainella is a gentleman with many skills.

I was the reluctant seller, not sure if I really wanted to sell and sure that if we just left the house “as is” it would sell itself.

Adrian persuaded me to trust his vision and mostly just get out of the way. He was supportive, empathetic and clear in his direction.  e project managed the entire makeover and staging – all the trades, all the communication, and all the timing.

Although the work to pack up the house was difficult, he checked in with us every day and made sure that we were able to handle the tasks that we had in front of us. He reminded us to keep an eye on the outcome and to keep positive.

From our first meeting to the “reading of the offers” Adrian was very professional, helpful and directed. We learned a lot about the process of selling a house and most importantly to trust him.

Adrian proved to be a first-class sales agent and a first-class person.  In my conversation with a former client of his, the comment was “Adrian is very ethical, he will work very hard to deliver a great deal.”

We have no hesitation in recommending Adrian, and anyone who has the good fortune to work with him will learn and profit from his skill and experience.”